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Welcome To John McNicol Electrical Engineers

May we introduce our Company and acquaint you with the service which we offer to industry and shipping. Having been established some 85 years, our experienced staff and modern equipment enable us to offer a reliable and efficient service.


We specialise in the installation of an industrial and commercial nature, taking your enquiry from initial concept to full design and costing or directly costing your design.

Our scope of work includes the installation of high voltage switch gear, cabling etc. , to 11Kv, L.V. switch-gear, control panels and motor control centres.

In addition to the above we carry out general contracting, covering factory / office lighting and power, emergency lighting and fire alarm installations in Commercial, Industrial and Hazardous areas.

In short, we offer a complete service for small and large contracts.


We carry out rewinding and other repairs, both mechanical and electrical to motors, alternators, generators and their associated control equipment. Also winding repairs to transformers, welders and magnets.

For mechanical repairs we have the usual machine tools for turning, milling and shaping.

Apart from repairs to the shafts and other components of motors, repairs are also carried out to gear boxes, pumps, elevator equipment and more.

Find out more about our electrical repair services here at John McNicol.


TEL: 0141-221 0725
FAX: 0141-248 4569