Rewinding, Mechanical Repair And Maintenance Department


This department is concerned with the rewinding and other repairs, both mechanical and electrical to motors, alternators, generators and their associated control equipment. Also winding repairs to transformers, welders and magnets.


Mechanical Repair

We have the usual machine tools for turning, milling and shaping. Apart from repairs to the shafts and other components of motors, repairs are also carried out to gear boxes, pumps, elevator equipment, etc.


Dynamic Balancing

For the servicing of rotating machines by elimination of unacceptable vibration, our C.A.M.M. Dynamic Balancing Machine handles items of up to 300kg, 2 metres long and 1 metre diameter.


Maintenance Department

Many firms nowadays have a variety of electrical equipment in their plant, but do not employ a resident electrician (or are temporarily without one). For such firms we provide a service in fault location, repair and routine maintenance.

Day & Night 24 Hour Answering Service

We are available for a call 24/7, please find details below.


Derek Grindlay: 0141 221 0725
Martin McNicol: 0141 221 0725


Derek Grindlay: 07711 650870
Martin McNicol: 07711 650871

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