Electric Motors

Electric Motor

As repairers of all types of electric motors we also stock new IEC (European metric standard) frame sized motors as this can often present a more economical repair solution as a direct replacement.

Modern aluminium housed 3 phase multi mount motors are held in stock or available rapidly from works. They are easily maintained, lightweight with high performance and low noise levels. Cast Iron housed, Premium and high efficiency, hazardous area ATEX motors, single phase, brake and geared motors also can be supplied. The motors supplied are suitable for many applications including pumps, fans, compressors, agriculture, maritime, hydraulic, industrial and commercial and many more.


To identifying a suitable replacement motor the following attributes can usually allow us to determine the motor requirements: frame size designation, mounting arrangement, output power (KW) and speed of rotation (RPM). These attributes are normally indicated on the motor nameplate, however also by measuring (in mm) some critical dimensions a frame size can often be determined by consultation of the tables shown.


Critical Dimensions

  • Output shaft diameter (D), Shaft Length (E), Key way size (F)
  • Height of centre (H) (Sitting on level surface measure from centre of shaft to surface)
  • Distance from output shaft shoulder (where emerging from motor end plate) to front feet fixings centre(C)
  • Distance between feet fixing centres parallel to output shaft axis(B)
  • Distance between feet fixing centres at right angles to output shaft axis(A)

In the case of a flange mounted motor

  • Overall flange diameter (M), Alignment spigot diameter(N)
  • Pitch circle diameter of fixing holes and if fixing holes are clearance or tapped holes (thread of holes is useful extra information).

We are pleased to be associated with the above company and are Authorised Repair Agents and Stockists. Our stocks of A.C. motors and their Control Equipment range from fractional horsepower upwards.

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